Attention : since October 2021, l'Antre Jeux moved from Brussels to Wauthier-Braine!

l'Antre Jeux is located now rue Hilaire Parmentier, 7, in 1440 Wauthier-Braine, Belgium; and is established since April 1998.

English has been chosen as the main language for this site, mainly because english is the first language used on the internet. Furthermore, our country has 3 national languages: dutch, french and german, and we can't find the time to build a multi-language website.

Some contributions, however, can be found in the original copy we got, with, or without, translation(s). We'll do our best to post translations for the most pages as possible, as we can find the time to do them.

ATTENTION : l'Antre Jeux moved!
Since october 2021, l'Antre Jeux moved from Bruxelles to Wauthier-Braine...
The shop is still open to customers but with a few new modifications :

- although a presence is ensured every day, but there are no more fixed opening hours ;
- it is therefore strongly advised to make an appointment (*) in order to avoid finding the door closed ;
- there is space for three vehicles in the private car park, do not hesitate to park there.

(*) Rendez-vous : by phone : +32 2 649.00.75 or by email (rdvATantre-jeuxDOTbe)

After stopping a first version almost 20 years agos
l'Antre Jeux took advantage of the forced closure period linked to covid-19
to reinvest in another way of serving you...
Our brand new V.P.C. is at your disposal !
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now in https
Vers le webstore
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